Edit Connections on Your Device

To add, update, or remove connections, tap More > Settings: (iPhone and iPod devices) or (iPad devices). The settings screen includes a list of the connections you defined.

To edit or remove a connection to your computer, tap the information icon, . The application displays a screen with editable text boxes for the computer, password, descriptive name, and port. To remove the connection, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the Delete Computer button.


Use caution when changing the DNS name or IP address of an existing connection. If the computer itself has changed its DNS name or IP address, you can update the connection. However, do not change the DNS name or IP address to point to a different computer, as this can cause problems. If you want to connect to a different MATLAB desktop, create a new connection.

MATLAB® Mobile™ indicates the current connection with a check mark, . To connect to a different system, tap its name.