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connector will be removed in a future release. Connect to the MathWorks® Cloud instead. For more information, see Compatibility Considerations (MATLAB Mobile for iOS).


connector on
connector on password
connector off


connector on enables MATLAB® Connector™ software on your machine (localhost), allowing you to access your MATLAB session from a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device. If you have not defined a password, the connector issues a prompt to do so.

connector on password enables the connector and sets or changes the password. Passwords can contain letters and numbers, and must contain at least five characters. The maximum length is 32 characters. MATLAB stores your password with your preferences.

connector off disables the connector.


Enable the connector and set the password to my_password_1:

connector on my_password_1


  • If the default port, 31415, is unavailable when you start the connector , the connector increments the port number by one until it finds an available port. To check which port the connector is using, start the connector and look at the URL it displays for the test link.

  • To test the connector, open a Web browser and navigate to http://localhost:port. If you did not change the port and the connector is using the default port, use http://localhost:31415.

  • To enable the connector anytime MATLAB is running on your computer, modify or create startup.m and finish.m files to turn the connector on and off. Define startup.m in your startup folder, and finish.m anywhere on the MATLAB search path.

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2019b

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