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Change the MATLAB Desktop Language

MathWorks® offers MATLAB® translated into Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. If you have your locale setting set to Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, you can choose the language in which the MATLAB desktop appears. Desktop items (such as dialog boxes, button names, and menu items) and error and warning messages appear in the language that you select.

To change the desktop language, on the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences and select MATLAB > General. Then, specify the desktop language in which the MATLAB desktop appears. If the Desktop language drop-down list is not displayed, then this option is not supported on your system.


You must restart MATLAB for the preference change to take effect.

Most desktop elements and apps use the language selected in the Desktop language preference drop-down list. However, system dialog boxes, such as file selectors or color pickers, use the operating system display language.

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