Refine Your Search

Refine Search by Text

Your initial search may return hundreds or even thousands of layers. Scanning all these layers to find the most relevant one could take a long time. You need to refine your search.

  1. Refine your search to receive only layers that include sea surface temperature.

    layers = wmsfind('temperature');
    sst = layers.refine('sea surface');

  2. Refine the search again to include only layers that contain the term "global."

    global_sst = sst.refine('global');

  3. Display one of the layers.

               Index: 4 
         ServerTitle: 'NASA SVS Image Server' 
           ServerURL: '' 
          LayerTitle: 'Background Image for Global Sea Surface
                      Temperature from June, 2002 to September,
                      2003 (WMS)' 
           LayerName: '2905_17492_bg' 
              Latlim: [-90.0000 90.0000] 
              Lonlim: [-180.0000 180.0000]

Refine Search by Geographic Limits

You can search for layers in a specific geographic area.

  1. First, find hurricane layers.

    layers = wmsfind('hurricane');
  2. Refine your search by selecting layers that are in the western hemisphere.

    western_hemisphere = layers.refineLimits ...
       ('Latlim',[-90 90], 'Lonlim', [-180 0]);
  3. Refine again to include only layers in the western hemisphere that include temperature data.

    temp_and_west = western_hemisphere.refine('temperature');

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