View Multiple Web Maps in a Browser

Using the web map browser tiling options you can get multiple views of the same location in different base layer maps.

The following example shows you how to open two web maps and display them side-by-side.

  1. Open two web maps with different basemaps and set them to variables. Each call to webmap creates a new web map tab in the browser. Then, center the map at Gross Reservoir using the wmcenter function.

    lat = 39.94509; 
    lon = -105.37008; 
    zoom = 14; 
    wm1 = webmap('OpenStreetMap'); 
    wm2 = webmap('USGSImagery'); 


    In MATLAB® Online™, multiple web maps appear as separate browser windows instead of tabs in a single browser window.

  2. Display the maps side-by-side by selecting the tile vertically button from the web map toolbar.

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