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Instrument Control Toolbox Supported Hardware

As of this release, Instrument Control Toolbox™ supports the following hardware in support packages. For a complete list of supported interfaces and platforms that do not require support packages, see Supported Hardware.

Support PackageVendorEarliest Release AvailableLast Release Available
National Instruments NI-SCOPE OscilloscopesNational Instruments®R2013bCurrent
National Instruments NI-FGEN Function GeneratorsNational InstrumentsR2013bCurrent
National Instruments NI-DCPower Power SuppliesNational InstrumentsR2014aCurrent
National Instruments NI-DMM Digital MultimetersNational InstrumentsR2014aCurrent
National Instruments NI-845x I2C/SPI InterfaceNational InstrumentsR2014bCurrent
Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI InterfaceTotal PhaseR2014bCurrent
National Instruments NI-Switch HardwareNational InstrumentsR2014bCurrent
National Instruments VISA and ICP Interfaces


Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for National Instruments VISA and ICP Interfaces
National InstrumentsR2015aCurrent
Keysight IO Libraries and VISA InterfaceKeysight™R2015bCurrent

For a complete list of supported hardware, see Hardware Support.

For a list of Instrument Control Toolbox supported interfaces and platforms, see Supported Hardware.