Velodyne LiDAR Sensors

If you are having trouble using the Image Acquisition Toolbox™ software with a supported Velodyne LiDAR sensor, try the following:

  1. Install the Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Velodyne LiDAR® Sensors.

    Starting with version R2014a, each adaptor is available separately through MATLAB® Add-Ons. See Image Acquisition Support Packages for Hardware Adaptors for information about installing the adaptors.

  2. Verify that you have a supported sensor. The following Velodyne LiDAR models are supported:

    • HDL-32E sensor

    • VLP-32C Ultra Puck sensor

    • VLP-16 Puck sensor

    • VLP-16 Puck Lite sensor

    • VLP-16 Puck Hi-Res sensor

  3. Verify that your hardware is functioning properly outside of MATLAB.

    For Velodyne LiDAR devices, run the application that came with your hardware, VeloView, and verify that you can receive live data.

  4. Use the Velodyne web interface to make sure the IP address and port are correct. In the Configuration tab in the example shown here, the Host (Destination) section contains the IP Address and Data Port fields. Use the same values when you create the velodynelidar object.

  5. Make sure there is no other application or hardware using the same UDP port that is being used by the Velodyne LiDAR.