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Saving and Copying Image Acquisition Tool Session Log

About the Session Log

The session log dynamically records every action you perform in the Image Acquisition Tool. The corresponding command-line functionality for actions on a videoinput object or videosource object is reflected in the log. The title displays the name of the device, as shown in the Hardware Browser.

You cannot directly edit in the Session Log pane. You can save the contents to a MATLAB® code file or copy it to another destination, and then edit the contents.

Each device format has its own session log, independent of any other formats. If you switch to a different device or format, the contents of the session log will reflect the currently selected device. If you switch back to a previous node in the Hardware Browser, the session log for that device will remain in the same state it was in before you switched nodes.

Saving the Session Log

To save the contents to a MATLAB code file:

  1. Click the Save the current session log to a file button in the Session Log toolbar. You can also right-click in the log pane and select Save.

  2. In the Save Session Log dialog box, browse to the location where you want to save the file.

  3. Use the default name, imaqtoolSessionLog.m, or rename it.

  4. When you click the Save button, the file will open in the MATLAB Editor. You can then either edit it or close it.

Note that the entire contents of the session log is saved. If you just want to save a portion of the log, use the Copy command instead.

Copying the Session Log

To copy all or part of the contents to the clipboard:

  1. Select the portion of the log that you want to copy.

    The Copy command is then enabled.

  2. Click the Copy button in the Session Log toolbar. You can also right-click in the log pane and select Copy.

    This copies the selected contents to the system clipboard.

  3. Go to the application or file that you wish to copy it into, and right-click Paste.

    You can then edit or save it as your application allows.