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Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

Orientation, Position, and Coordinate Systems

quaternionCreate a quaternion array
onesCreate quaternion array with real parts set to one and imaginary parts set to zero
zerosCreate quaternion array with all parts set to zero
classUnderlyingClass of parts within quaternion
normalizeQuaternion normalization
times, .*Element-wise quaternion multiplication
mtimes, *Quaternion multiplication
prodProduct of a quaternion array
minus, -Quaternion subtraction
uminus, -Quaternion unary minus
conjComplex conjugate of quaternion
ldivide, .\Element-wise quaternion left division
rdivide, ./Element-wise quaternion right division
expExponential of quaternion array
logNatural logarithm of quaternion array
power, .^Element-wise quaternion power
distAngular distance in radians
normQuaternion norm
meanrotQuaternion mean rotation
slerpSpherical linear interpolation
rotateframeQuaternion frame rotation
rotatepointQuaternion point rotation
ctranspose, 'Complex conjugate transpose of quaternion array
transpose, .'Transpose a quaternion array
rotmatConvert quaternion to rotation matrix
rotvecConvert quaternion to rotation vector (radians)
rotvecdConvert quaternion to rotation vector (degrees)
partsExtract quaternion parts
eulerConvert quaternion to Euler angles (radians)
eulerdConvert quaternion to Euler angles (degrees)
compactConvert quaternion array to N-by-4 matrix

Trajectory and Scenario Generation

kinematicTrajectoryRate-driven trajectory generator
waypointTrajectoryWaypoint trajectory generator
trackingScenarioCreate tracking scenario
PlatformPlatform object belonging to tracking scenario
emissionsInBodyTransform emissions to body frame of platform

Sensor Models

gpsSensorGPS receiver simulation model
imuSensorIMU simulation model
accelparamsAccelerometer sensor parameters
gyroparamsGyroscope sensor parameters
magparamsMagnetometer sensor parameters
irSensorGenerate infrared detections for tracking scenario
irSignatureInfrared platform signature
insSensorInertial navigation and GPS simulation model
monostaticRadarSensorGenerate radar detections for tracking scenario
radarChannelFree space propagation and reflection of radar signals
radarEmissionEmitted radar signal structure
radarEmitterRadar signals and interferences generator
radarSensorGenerate detections from radar emissions
rcsSignatureRadar cross-section pattern
sonarEmissionEmitted sonar signal structure
sonarEmittercoustic signals and interferences generator
sonarSensorGenerate detections from sonar emissions
tsSignatureTarget strength pattern
underwaterChannelPropagated and reflected sonar signals

Inertial Sensor Fusion

ecompassOrientation from magnetometer and accelerometer readings
imufilterOrientation from accelerometer and gyroscope readings
ahrsfilterOrientation from accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer readings
insfilterCreate inertial navigation filter

Estimation Filters

initcaabfCreate constant acceleration alpha-beta tracking filter from detection report
initcvabfCreate constant velocity tracking alpha-beta filter from detection report
initcackfCreate constant acceleration tracking cubature Kalman filter from detection report
initcaekfCreate constant-acceleration extended Kalman filter from detection report
initcapfCreate constant acceleration tracking particle filter from detection report
initcvckfCreate constant velocity tracking cubature Kalman filter from detection report
initcvpfCreate constant velocity tracking particle filter from detection report
initctckfCreate constant turn rate tracking cubature Kalman filter from detection report
initcakfCreate constant-acceleration linear Kalman filter from detection report
initcaukfCreate constant-acceleration unscented Kalman filter from detection report
initctekfCreate constant turn-rate extended Kalman filter from detection report
initctukfCreate constant turn-rate unscented Kalman filter from detection report
initctpfCreate constant turn rate tracking particle filter from detection report
initcvekfCreate constant-velocity extended Kalman filter from detection report
initcvkfCreate constant-velocity linear Kalman filter from detection report
initcvmscekfConstant velocity trackingMSCEKF initialization
initcvukfCreate constant-velocity unscented Kalman filter from detection report
initapekfConstant velocity angle-parameterized EKF initialization
initekfimmInitialize trackingIMM object
initrpekfConstant velocity range-parameterized EKF initialization
trackingGSFGuassian-sum filter for object tracking
trackingIMMInteracting multiple model (IMM) filter for object tracking
trackingPFParticle filter for object tracking
trackingABFAlpha-beta filter for object tracking
trackingKFLinear Kalman filter
trackingEKFExtended Kalman filter
trackingUKFUnscented Kalman filter
trackingCKFCubature Kalman filter for object tracking
trackingMSCEKFExtended Kalman filter for object tracking in modified spherical coordinates (MSC)
constvelConstant velocity state update
constveljacJacobian for constant-velocity motion
constvelmscConstant velocity (CV) motion model in MSC frame
constvelmscjacJacobian of constant velocity (CV) motion model in MSC frame
cvmeasMeasurement function for constant velocity motion
cvmeasjacJacobian of measurement function for constant velocity motion
cvmeasmscMeasurement based on constant velocity (CV) model in MSC frame
cvmeasmscjacJacobian of measurement using constant velocity (CV) model in MSC frame
constaccConstant-acceleration motion model
constaccjacJacobian for constant-acceleration motion
cameasMeasurement function for constant-acceleration motion
cameasjacJacobian of measurement function for constant-acceleration motion
constturnConstant turn-rate motion model
constturnjacJacobian for constant turn-rate motion
ctmeasMeasurement function for constant turn-rate motion
ctmeasjacJacobian of measurement function for constant turn-rate motion
switchimmModel conversion function for trackingIMM object

Multi-Object Trackers

assignauctionAssignment using auction global nearest neighbor
assignjvJonker-Volgenant global nearest neighbor assignment algorithm
assignkbestAssignment using k-best global nearest neighbor
assignkbestsdK-best S-D solution that minimizes total cost of assignment
assignmunkresMunkres global nearest neighbor assignment algorithm
assignsdS-D assignment using Lagrangian relaxation
assignTOMHTTrack-oriented multi-hypotheses tracking assignment
trackerTOMHTMulti-hypothesis, multi-sensor, multi-object tracker
trackerGNNMulti-sensor, multi-object tracker using GNN assignment
objectDetectionCreate object detection report
getTrackPositionsReturns updated track positions and position covariance matrix
getTrackVelocitiesObtain updated track velocities and velocity covariance matrix
clusterTrackBranchesCluster track-oriented multi-hypothesis history
compatibleTrackBranchesFormulate global hypotheses from clusters
pruneTrackBranchesPrune track branches with low likelihood
trackHistoryLogicConfirm and delete tracks based on recent track history
trackScoreLogicConfirm and delete tracks based on track score
trackBranchHistoryTrack-oriented MHT branching and branch history
fusecovintCovariance fusion using covariance intersection
fusecovunionCovariance fusion using covariance union
fusexcovCovariance fusion using cross-covariance
staticDetectionFuserStatic fusion of synchronous sensor detections
triangulateLOSTriangulate multiple line-of-sight detections

Visualization and Analytics

theaterPlotPlot objects, detections, and tracks in trackingScenario
trackAssignmentMetricsTrack establishment, maintenance, and deletion metrics
trackErrorMetricsTrack error and NEES