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Get execution times in timer ticks for profiled section of code


ExecutionTimes = NthSectionProfile.ExecutionTimeInTicks


ExecutionTimes = NthSectionProfile.ExecutionTimeInTicks returns a vector of execution times, measured in timer ticks, for the profiled section of code. Each element of ExecutionTimes contains the difference between the timer reading at the start and the end of the section. The data type of the arrays is the same as the data type of the timer used on the target, which allows you to infer the maximum range of the timer measurements.

NthSectionProfile is a coder.profile.ExecutionTimeSection object generated by the coder.profile.ExecutionTime property Sections.

If you set the CodeProfilingSaveOptions parameter to 'SummaryOnly', NthSectionProfile.ExecutionTimeInTicks returns an empty array. To change that parameter, open the Configuration Parameters dialog box by pressing Ctrl+E, open the Verification pane under Code Generation, and change the Save options parameter to All data.


You can calculate the execution time in seconds using the formula ExecutionTimeInSecs=ExecutionTimeInTicks/TimerTicksPerSecond

Output Arguments


Vector of execution times, in timer ticks, for profiled section of code


Vector of execution times, in timer ticks, for profiled section of code but excluding time spent in child functions

Introduced in R2012b