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Determine whether filter System object is FIR




isfir(sysobj) determines whether the filter System object™ sysobj is an FIR filter. If the filter is FIR, isfir returns 1.

To determine whether sysobj is an FIR filter, isfir(sysobj) inspects if the filter in the transfer function form has a scalar denominator. If it does, it is an FIR filter.


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Design a Lowpass FIR Filter.

d = fdesign.lowpass;
h = design(d,'Systemobject',true)
h = 
  dsp.FIRFilter with properties:

            Structure: 'Direct form'
      NumeratorSource: 'Property'
            Numerator: [1x43 double]
    InitialConditions: 0

  Show all properties

Determine if the filter is an FIR filter using isfir.

ans = logical

isfir returns 1 to indicate that the filter is an FIR filter.

Introduced in R2011a