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DSP System Toolbox Functions - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
addCursorAdd cursor to Logic Analyzer
addDividerAdd divider to Logic Analyzer
addWaveAdd wave to Logic Analyzer
allpass2wdfAllpass to Wave Digital Filter coefficient transformation
allpassbpc2bpcAllpass filter for complex bandpass transformation
allpasslp2bpAllpass filter for lowpass to bandpass transformation
allpasslp2bpcAllpass filter for lowpass to complex bandpass transformation
allpasslp2bsAllpass filter for lowpass to bandstop transformation
allpasslp2bscAllpass filter for lowpass to complex bandstop transformation
allpasslp2hpAllpass filter for lowpass to highpass transformation
allpasslp2lpAllpass filter for lowpass to lowpass transformation
allpasslp2mbAllpass filter for lowpass to M-band transformation
allpasslp2mbcAllpass filter for lowpass to complex M-band transformation
allpasslp2xcAllpass filter for lowpass to complex N-point transformation
allpasslp2xnAllpass filter for lowpass to N-point transformation
allpassrateupAllpass filter for integer upsample transformation
allpassshiftAllpass filter for real shift transformation
allpassshiftcAllpass filter for complex shift transformation
ArrayPlotConfigurationArray Plot block appearance and behavior
audioDeviceWriterPlay to sound card
autoscaleAutomatic dynamic range scaling
bandedgeFrequenciesCompute the bandedge frequencies
blockGenerate block from a digital filter
butterButterworth IIR filter design using specification object
ca2tfConvert coupled allpass filter to transfer function form
cascadeCascade of filter system objects
centerFrequenciesCompute center frequencies
cheby1Chebyshev Type I filter using specification object
cheby2Chebyshev Type II filter using specification object
cl2tfConvert coupled allpass lattice to transfer function form
codegenGenerate C/C++ code from MATLAB code
coeffsFilter coefficients
coeffsCoefficients of prototype lowpass filter
coereadRead Xilinx COE file
coewriteWrite Xilinx COE file
constraincoeffwlConstrain coefficient wordlength
convertConvert filter structure of discrete-time filter
costEstimate cost for implementing filter System objects
costImplementation cost of the filter
cumsecCumulative second-order section of BiquadFilter System object
deleteCursorDelete Logic Analyzer cursor
deleteDisplayChannelDelete Logic Analyzer channel
denormalizeUndo filter coefficient and gain changes caused by normalize
designApply design method to filter specification object
designmethodsMethods available for designing filter from specification object
designMultirateFIRMultirate FIR filter design
designMultistageDecimatorMultistage decimator design
designMultistageInterpolatorMultistage interpolator design
designoptsValid input arguments and values for specification object and method
dfiltDiscrete-time filter
dfilt.allpassAllpass filter
dfilt.calatticeCoupled-allpass, lattice filter
dfilt.calatticepcCoupled-allpass, power-complementary lattice filter
dfilt.cascadeCascade of discrete-time filters
dfilt.cascadeallpassCascade of allpass discrete-time filters
dfilt.cascadewdfallpassCascade allpass WDF filters to construct allpass WDF
dfilt.delayDelay filter
dfilt.df1Discrete-time, direct-form I filter
dfilt.df1sosDiscrete-time, SOS direct-form I filter
dfilt.df1tDiscrete-time, direct-form I transposed filter
dfilt.df1tsosDiscrete-time, SOS direct-form I transposed filter
dfilt.df2Discrete-time, direct-form II filter
dfilt.df2sosDiscrete-time, SOS, direct-form II filter
dfilt.df2tDiscrete-time, direct-form II transposed filter
dfilt.df2tsosDiscrete-time, SOS direct-form II transposed filter
dfilt.dfasymfirDiscrete-time, direct-form antisymmetric FIR filter
dfilt.dffirDiscrete-time, direct-form FIR filter
dfilt.dffirtDiscrete-time, direct-form FIR transposed filter
dfilt.dfsymfirDiscrete-time, direct-form symmetric FIR filter
dfilt.farrowfdFractional Delay Farrow filter
dfilt.farrowlinearfdFarrow Linear Fractional Delay filter
dfilt.fftfirDiscrete-time, overlap-add, FIR filter
dfilt.latticeallpassDiscrete-time, lattice allpass filter
dfilt.latticearDiscrete-time, lattice, autoregressive filter
dfilt.latticearmaDiscrete-time, lattice, autoregressive, moving-average filter
dfilt.latticemamaxDiscrete-time, lattice, moving-average filter with maximum phase
dfilt.latticemaminDiscrete-time, lattice, moving-average filter with minimum phase
dfilt.parallelDiscrete-time, parallel structure filter
dfilt.scalarDiscrete-time, scalar filter
dfilt.wdfallpassWave digital allpass filter
dispFilter properties and values
doubleCast fixed-point filter to use double-precision arithmetic
dsp.AdaptiveLatticeFilterAdaptive lattice filter
dsp.AffineProjectionFilterCompute output, error and coefficients using affine projection (AP) Algorithm
dsp.AllpassFilterSingle section or cascaded allpass filter
dsp.AllpoleFilterIIR Filter with no zeros
dsp.AnalyticSignalAnalytic signals of discrete-time inputs
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
dsp.ArrayVectorAdderAdd array to vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorAdder.stepAdd vector to N-D array
dsp.ArrayVectorDividerDivide array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorDivider.stepDivide array by vector
dsp.ArrayVectorMultiplierMultiply array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorMultiplier.stepMultiply array by vector
dsp.ArrayVectorSubtractorSubtract vector from array along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorSubtractor.stepSubtract vector from array along specified dimension
dsp.AsyncBufferFIFO buffer
dsp.AudioFileReaderStream from audio file
dsp.AudioFileReader.infoInformation about specific audio file
dsp.AudioFileReader.isDoneEnd-of-file status (logical)
dsp.AudioFileWriterStream to audio file
dsp.AudioPlayerPlay audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.AudioPlayer.stepWrite audio to audio output device
dsp.AudioRecorderRecord audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.AudioRecorder.stepRecord audio from recording device
dsp.AutocorrelatorAutocorrelation sequence
dsp.BinaryFileReaderRead data from binary file
dsp.BinaryFileReader.isDoneEnd-of-file status (logical)
dsp.BinaryFileReader.readHeaderRead file header
dsp.BinaryFileReader.resetReset internal states of System object
dsp.BinaryFileReader.stepRead data from binary file
dsp.BinaryFileWriterWrite data to binary files
dsp.BinaryFileWriter.resetReset internal states of System object
dsp.BinaryFileWriter.stepWrite data to the binary file
dsp.BiquadFilterIIR filter using biquadratic structures
dsp.BlockLMSFilterCompute output, error, and weights using block LMS adaptive algorithm
dsp.BufferBuffer input signal
dsp.BurgAREstimatorEstimate of autoregressive (AR) model parameters using Burg method
dsp.BurgAREstimator.stepNormalized estimate of AR model parameter
dsp.BurgSpectrumEstimatorParametric spectral estimate using Burg method
dsp.BurgSpectrumEstimator.stepEstimate of power spectral density
dsp.CepstralToLPC(To be removed) Convert cepstral coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.CepstralToLPC.stepLPC coefficients from column of cepstral coefficients
dsp.ChannelizerPolyphase FFT analysis filter bank
dsp.ChannelSynthesizerPolyphase FFT synthesis filter bank
dsp.ChirpGenerate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
dsp.CICCompensationDecimatorCompensate for CIC decimation filter using FIR decimator
dsp.CICCompensationInterpolatorCompensate for CIC interpolation filter using FIR interpolator
dsp.CICDecimatorDecimate signal using cascaded integrator-comb (CIC) filter
dsp.CICInterpolatorInterpolate signal using cascaded integrator-comb filter
dsp.ColoredNoiseGenerate colored noise signal
dsp.ComplexBandpassDecimatorExtract a frequency subband using a one-sided (complex) bandpass decimator
dsp.ConvolverConvolution of two signals
dsp.CounterCount up or down through specified range of numbers
dsp.CoupledAllpassFilterCoupled allpass IIR filter
dsp.CrosscorrelatorCross-correlation of two inputs
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimatorEstimate cross-spectral density
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimator.getFrequencyVectorGet the vector of frequencies at which the cross-spectrum is estimated
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimator.getRBWGet the resolution bandwidth of the cross-spectrum
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimator.resetReset the internal states of the cross-spectrum estimator
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimator.stepEstimate the cross-spectrum of a signal
dsp.CumulativeProductCumulative product of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.CumulativeSumCumulative sum of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.DCBlockerBlock DC component (offset) from input signal
dsp.DCTDiscrete cosine transform (DCT)
dsp.DCT.stepDiscrete cosine transform (DCT) of input
dsp.DelayDelay input signal by fixed samples
dsp.DelayLineRebuffer sequence of inputs with one-sample shift
dsp.DifferentiatorDirect form FIR fullband differentiator filter
dsp.DigitalDownConverterTranslate digital signal from intermediate frequency (IF) band to baseband and decimate it
dsp.DigitalUpConverterInterpolate digital signal and translate it from baseband to Intermediate Frequency (IF) band
dsp.DigitalUpConverter.fvtoolVisualize response of filter cascade
dsp.DigitalUpConverter.getFilterOrdersGet orders of interpolation filters
dsp.DigitalUpConverter.getFiltersGet handles to interpolation filter objects
dsp.DigitalUpConverter.getInterpolationFactorsGet interpolation factors of each filter stage
dsp.DigitalUpConverter.groupDelayGroup delay of filter cascade
dsp.DigitalUpConverter.stepProcess inputs using the digital up converter
dsp.DigitalUpConverter.visualizeFilterStagesDisplay response of filter stages
dsp.DyadicAnalysisFilterBankDyadic analysis filter bank
dsp.DyadicSynthesisFilterBankReconstruct signals from subbands
dsp.DynamicFilterVisualizerDisplay time-varying magnitude response of digital filters
dsp.FarrowRateConverterPolynomial sample rate converter with arbitrary conversion factor
dsp.FastTransversalFilterFast Transversal filter
dsp.FastTransversalFilter.msesimMean-square error for Fast Transversal filter
dsp.FastTransversalFilter.resetReset filter states for Fast Transversal filter
dsp.FastTransversalFilter.stepApply Fast Transversal filter to input
dsp.FFTDiscrete Fourier transform
dsp.FilterCascadeCreate a cascade of filter System objects
dsp.FilterCascade.addStageAdd a new filter stage to the cascade
dsp.FilterCascade.generateFilteringCodeGenerate MATLAB code to filter using cascade
dsp.FilterCascade.getNumStagesGet the number of stages in the cascade object
dsp.FilterCascade.releaseStagesRelease the locked state of all stages in the cascade
dsp.FilterCascade.removeStageRemove a stage from filter cascade
dsp.FilterCascade.stepProcess inputs using the filter cascade
dsp.FilteredXLMSFilterFiltered XLMS filter
dsp.FIRDecimatorPolyphase FIR decimator
dsp.FIRFilterStatic or time-varying FIR filter
dsp.FIRHalfbandDecimatorHalfband decimator
dsp.FIRHalfbandInterpolatorHalfband interpolator
dsp.FIRInterpolatorPolyphase FIR interpolator
dsp.FIRRateConverterSample rate converter
dsp.FrequencyDomainAdaptiveFilterCompute output, error, and coefficients using frequency-domain FIR adaptive filter
dsp.FrequencyDomainFIRFilterFilter input signal in frequency domain
dsp.HampelFilterFilter outliers using Hampel identifier
dsp.HDLChannelizerPolyphase filter bank and fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLComplexToMagnitudeAngleMagnitude and phase angle of complex signal—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFFTFast Fourier transform — optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRFilterFinite impulse response filter—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRRateConverterUpsample, filter, and downsample—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLIFFTInverse fast Fourier transform — optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLNCOGenerate real or complex sinusoidal signals—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HighpassFilterFIR or IIR highpass filter
dsp.HistogramHistogram of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.IDCTInverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT)
dsp.IDCT.stepInverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT) of input
dsp.IFFTInverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFT)
dsp.IIRFilterInfinite impulse response (IIR) filter
dsp.IIRHalfbandDecimatorDecimate by factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.IIRHalfbandInterpolatorInterpolate by a factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.InterpolatorLinear or polyphase FIR interpolation
dsp.KalmanFilterEstimate system measurements and states using Kalman filter
dsp.LDLFactorFactor square Hermitian positive definite matrices into components
dsp.LDLFactor.stepDecompose matrix into components
dsp.LevinsonSolverSolve linear system of equations using Levinson-Durbin recursion
dsp.LevinsonSolver.stepReflection coefficients corresponding to columns of input
dsp.LMSFilterCompute output, error, and weights of LMS adaptive filter
dsp.LogicAnalyzerVisualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time
dsp.LowerTriangularSolverSolve lower-triangular matrix equation
dsp.LowpassFilterFIR or IIR lowpass filter
dsp.LPCToAutocorrelation(To be removed) Convert linear prediction coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.LPCToAutocorrelation.stepAutocorrelation coefficients from LPC coefficients
dsp.LPCToCepstral(To be removed) Convert linear prediction coefficients to cepstral coefficients
dsp.LPCToCepstral.stepCepstral coefficients from columns of input LPC coefficients
dsp.LPCToLSF(To be removed) Convert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral frequencies
dsp.LPCToLSF.resetReset values for overwriting invalid outputs to their initial values
dsp.LPCToLSF.stepConvert LPC coefficients to line spectral frequencies
dsp.LPCToLSP(To be removed) Convert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral pairs
dsp.LPCToLSP.resetReset values for overwriting invalid outputs to their initial values
dsp.LPCToLSP.stepConvert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral pairs
dsp.LPCToRC(To be removed) Convert linear prediction coefficients to reflection coefficients
dsp.LPCToRC.stepConvert columns of linear prediction coefficients to reflection coefficients
dsp.LSFToLPC(To be removed) Convert line spectral frequencies to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LSFToLPC.stepConvert input line spectral frequencies to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LSPToLPC(To be removed) Convert line spectral pairs to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LSPToLPC.stepConvert input line spectral pairs to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LUFactorFactor square matrix into lower and upper triangular matrices
dsp.LUFactor.stepDecompose matrix into lower and upper triangular matrices
dsp.MatFileReaderRead MAT file
dsp.MatFileReader.isDoneEnd-of-file status
dsp.MatFileReader.resetReset internal states of multimedia file reader to read from beginning of file
dsp.MatFileReader.stepRead data from a variable in the MAT file
dsp.MatFileWriterWrite MAT file
dsp.MatFileWriter.stepWrite one frame of MAT file data
dsp.MaximumFind maximum value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MeanFind mean value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MedianMedian value of input
dsp.MedianFilterMedian filter
dsp.MinimumFind minimum values of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MovingAverageMoving average
dsp.MovingMaximumMoving maximum
dsp.MovingMinimumMoving minimum
dsp.MovingRMSMoving root mean square
dsp.MovingStandardDeviationMoving standard deviation
dsp.MovingVarianceMoving variance
dsp.NCOGenerate real or complex sinusoidal signals
dsp.NCO.infoCharacteristic information about generated signal
dsp.NCO.resetReset accumulator of NCO object
dsp.NCO.stepGenerate multichannel real or complex sinusoidal signal using NCO (Numerically Controlled Oscillator)
dsp.NormalizerVector normalization along specified dimension
dsp.NotchPeakFilterSecond-order tunable notching and peaking IIR filter
dsp.NotchPeakFilter.getBandwidthGet 3 dB bandwidth
dsp.NotchPeakFilter.getCenterFrequencyGet center frequency
dsp.NotchPeakFilter.getOctaveBandwidthBandwidth in number of octaves
dsp.NotchPeakFilter.getQualityFactorGet quality factor
dsp.NotchPeakFilter.resetReset the internal states of notch or peak filter
dsp.NotchPeakFilter.stepProcess input using the notch or peak filter algorithm
dsp.NotchPeakFilter.tfTransfer function
dsp.ParametricEQFilterTunable second-order parametric equalizer filter
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.getBandwidthConvert quality factor or bandwidth coefficient to bandwidth in Hz
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.getCenterFrequencyConvert center frequency coefficient to frequency in Hz
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.getOctaveBandwidthMeasure bandwidth of parametric equalizer filter in octaves
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.getPeakGainConvert peak or notch gain from dB to absolute units
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.getPeakGaindBConvert peak or notch gain from absolute units to dB
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.getQualityFactorConvert bandwidth to quality factor
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.resetReset states of ParametricEQFilter object
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.stepFilter input with ParametricEQFilter object
dsp.ParametricEQFilter.tfCompute transfer function
dsp.PeakFinderIdentify peak values in input signal
dsp.PeakToPeakPeak-to-peak value
dsp.PeakToRMSPeak-to-root-mean-square value of vector
dsp.PhaseExtractorExtract the unwrapped phase of a complex input
dsp.PhaseUnwrapperUnwrap signal phase
dsp.PulseMetricsPulse metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.PulseMetrics.plotPlots signal and metrics computed in last call to step
dsp.PulseMetrics.resetReset the running pulse metrics object
dsp.PulseMetrics.stepPulse metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.RCToAutocorrelation(To be removed) Convert reflection coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.RCToAutocorrelation.stepConvert columns of reflection coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.RCToLPC(To be removed) Convert reflection coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.RCToLPC.stepConvert columns of reflection coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.RLSFilterCompute output, error and coefficients using recursive least squares (RLS) algorithm
dsp.RMSRoot mean square of vector elements
dsp.SampleRateConverterMultistage sample rate converter
dsp.SampleRateConverter.costCompute implementation cost
dsp.SampleRateConverter.freqzFrequency response
dsp.SampleRateConverter.getActualOutputRateGet actual output rate
dsp.SampleRateConverter.getFiltersObtain single-stage filters
dsp.SampleRateConverter.getRateChangeFactorsOverall interpolation and decimation factors
dsp.SampleRateConverter.infoDisplay information about sample rate converter
dsp.SampleRateConverter.resetReset internal states of multistage sample rate converter
dsp.SampleRateConverter.stepConvert sample rate of signal
dsp.SampleRateConverter.visualizeFilterStagesVisualize filter stages
dsp.ScalarQuantizerDecoderConvert each index value into quantized output value
dsp.ScalarQuantizerDecoder.stepDecode using scalar quantization
dsp.ScalarQuantizerEncoderAssociate input value with index value of quantization region
dsp.ScalarQuantizerEncoder.stepEncode using scalar quantization
dsp.SignalSinkLog simulation data in buffer
dsp.SignalSourceImport variable from workspace
dsp.SignalSource.isDoneEnd-of-file status for signal reader object
dsp.SignalSource.resetReset internal states of signal reader object
dsp.SignalSource.stepRead one sample or frame of signal
dsp.SineWaveGenerate discrete sine wave
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.SpectrumEstimatorEstimate power spectrum or power density spectrum
dsp.SpectrumEstimator.getFrequencyVectorGet the vector of frequencies at which the spectrum is estimated
dsp.SpectrumEstimator.getRBWGet the resolution bandwidth of the spectrum
dsp.SpectrumEstimator.resetReset the internal states of the spectrum estimator
dsp.SpectrumEstimator.stepEstimate the power spectrum or power-density spectrum of a signal
dsp.StandardDeviationStandard deviation of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.StateLevelsState-level estimation for bilevel rectangular waveform
dsp.StateLevels.plotPlot signal, state levels, and histogram
dsp.StateLevels.resetReset internal states of state levels object
dsp.StateLevels.stepEstimate state levels for bilevel rectangular waveform
dsp.SubbandAnalysisFilterDecompose signal into high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.SubbandSynthesisFilterReconstruct signal from high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.TimeScopeTime domain signal display and measurement
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimatorEstimate transfer function
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimator.getFrequencyVectorGet vector of frequencies at which transfer function is estimated
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimator.getRBWGet resolution bandwidth of transfer function
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimator.resetReset internal states of transfer function estimator
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimator.stepEstimate transfer function of system
dsp.TransitionMetricsTransition metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.TransitionMetrics.plotPlots signal and metrics computed in last call to step
dsp.TransitionMetrics.resetReset the running transition metrics object
dsp.TransitionMetrics.stepTransition metrics of bilevel waveform
dsp.UDPReceiverReceive UDP packets from the network
dsp.UDPSenderSend UDP packets to network
dsp.UniformDecoderDecode integer input into floating-point output
dsp.UniformDecoder.stepDecode integer input into quantized floating-point output
dsp.UniformEncoderQuantize and encode floating-point input into integer output
dsp.UniformEncoder.stepQuantize and encode input
dsp.UpperTriangularSolverSolve upper-triangular matrix equation
dsp.util.getLogsArrayReturn logged signal as MATLAB array
dsp.util.getSignalPathPaths to logged signals
dsp.util.SignalPathProperties of paths to signals
dsp.VariableBandwidthFIRFilterVariable bandwidth FIR filter
dsp.VariableBandwidthIIRFilterVariable bandwidth IIR filter
dsp.VariableFractionalDelayDelay input by time-varying fractional number of sample periods
dsp.VariableIntegerDelayDelay input by time-varying integer number of sample periods
dsp.VarianceVariance of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.VectorQuantizerDecoderVector quantizer codeword for given index value
dsp.VectorQuantizerEncoderVector quantization encoding
dsp.WindowWindow object
dsp.Window.stepMultiply input by window
dsp.ZeroCrossingDetectorDetect zero crossings
dsp.ZoomFFT High-resolution FFT of a portion of a spectrum
dsplibOpen top-level DSP System Toolbox library
dspstartupConfigure Simulink environment for signal processing systems
dspunfoldGenerates a multi-threaded MEX file from a MATLAB function
dsp_linksIdentify whether blocks in model are current, deprecated, or obsolete
ellipElliptic filter using specification object
equirippleEquiripple single-rate FIR filter from specification object
euclidfactorsEuclid factors for multirate filter
fcfwriteWrite file containing filter coefficients
fdesignFilter specification object
fdesign.arbgrpdelayArbitrary group delay filter specification object
fdesign.arbmagArbitrary response magnitude filter specification object
fdesign.arbmagnphaseArbitrary response magnitude and phase filter specification object
fdesign.audioweightingAudio weighting filter specification object
fdesign.bandpassBandpass filter specification object
fdesign.bandstopBandstop filter specification object
fdesign.ciccompCIC compensator filter specification object
fdesign.combIIR comb filter specification object
fdesign.decimatorDecimator filter specification object
fdesign.differentiatorDifferentiator filter specification object
fdesign.fracdelayFractional delay filter specification object
fdesign.halfbandHalfband filter specification object
fdesign.highpassHighpass filter specification object
fdesign.hilbertHilbert filter specification object
fdesign.interpolatorInterpolator filter specification
fdesign.isinchpInverse sinc highpass filter specification
fdesign.isinclpInverse sinc lowpass filter specification
fdesign.lowpassLowpass filter specification
fdesign.notchNotch filter specification
fdesign.nyquistNyquist filter specification
fdesign.octaveOctave filter specification
fdesign.parameqParametric equalizer filter specification
fdesign.peakPeak filter specification
fdesign.polysrcConstruct polynomial sample-rate converter (POLYSRC) filter designer
fdesign.rsrcRational-factor sample-rate converter specification
fftcoeffsFrequency-domain coefficients
filterFilter data with filter object
filterBuilderInteractive filter design
filterDesignerOpen Filter Designer app
filtstates.cicStore CIC filter states
fircbandConstrained-band equiripple FIR filter
firceqripConstrained equiripple FIR filter
firclsFIR Constrained Least Squares filter
fireqintEquiripple FIR interpolators
firgrParks-McClellan FIR filter
firhalfbandHalfband FIR filter design
firlp2hpConvert FIR lowpass filter to Type I FIR highpass filter
firlp2lpConvert FIR Type I lowpass to FIR Type 1 lowpass with inverse bandwidth
firlpnormLeast P-norm optimal FIR filter
firlsLeast-square linear-phase FIR filter design
firminphaseMinimum-phase FIR spectral factor
firnyquistLowpass Nyquist (Lth-band) FIR filter
firpr2chfbTwo-channel FIR filter bank for perfect reconstruction
firtypeType of linear phase FIR filter
freqrespestFrequency response estimate via filtering
freqrespoptsOptions for filter frequency response analysis
freqsampReal or complex frequency-sampled FIR filter from specification object
freqzFrequency response of filter
freqzFrequency response of filters in channelizer
freqzFrequency response of the filter
fvtoolVisualize frequency response of DSP filters
fvtoolVisualize frequency response of DSP filters
fvtoolVisualize the filters in the channelizer
fvtoolVisualize response of filter cascade
gainCIC filter gain
generatehdlGenerate HDL code for quantized DSP filter (requires Filter Design HDL Coder)
getActualOutputRateActual output rate, accounting for tolerance
getAudioDevicesList available audio devices
getBranchesReturn internal allpass branches
getCursorInfoReturn settings for Logic Analyzer cursor
getCursorTagsReturn all Logic Analyzer cursor tags
getDecimationFactorsGet decimation factors of each filter stage
getDisplayChannelInfoReturn settings for Logic Analyzer display channel
getDisplayChannelTagsReturn all Logic Analyzer display channel tags
getFilterGet underlying FIR filter
getFilterOrdersGet orders of decimation filters
getFiltersGet handles to decimation filter objects
getFiltersReturn matrix of channelizer FIR filters
getFixedPointInfoGet fixed-point word and fraction lengths
getLatencyLatency of FFT or channelizer calculation
getLatencyLatency of FIR filter
getMeasurementsDataGet the current measurement data displayed on the spectrum analyzer
getPolynomialCoefficientsPolynomial coefficients of Farrow rate conversion filter
getRateChangeFactorsOverall interpolation and decimation factors
getSpectralMaskStatusGet test results of current spectral mask
getSpectrumDataSave spectrum data shown in spectrum analyzer
groupDelayGroup delay of filter cascade
grpdelayGroup delay response of discrete-time filter System object
helpHelp for design method with filter specification
hideHide scope window
ifirInterpolated FIR filter design
iirbpc2bpcTransform IIR complex bandpass filter to IIR complex bandpass filter with different characteristics
iircombIIR comb notch or peak filter
iirftransfIIR frequency transformation of filter
iirgrpdelayOptimal IIR filter with prescribed group-delay
iirlinphaseQuasi-linear phase IIR filter from halfband filter specification
iirlp2bpTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR bandpass filter
iirlp2bpcIIR lowpass to complex bandpass transformation
iirlp2bsTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR bandstop filter
iirlp2bscTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex bandstop filter
iirlp2hpTransform lowpass IIR filter to highpass filter
iirlp2lpTransform lowpass IIR filter to different lowpass filter
iirlp2mbTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR M-band filter
iirlp2mbcTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex M-band filter
iirlp2xcTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex N-point filter
iirlp2xnTransform IIR lowpass filter to IIR real N-point filter
iirlpnormLeast P-norm optimal IIR filter
iirlpnormcConstrained least Pth-norm optimal IIR filter
iirlsLeast-squares IIR filter from specification object
iirnotchSecond-order IIR notch filter
iirparameqIIR biquad digital parametric equalizer filter
iirpeakSecond-order IIR peak or resonator filter
iirpowcompPower complementary IIR filter
iirrateupUpsample IIR filter by integer factor
iirshiftShift frequency response of IIR filter
iirshiftcShift frequency response of IIR complex filter
impzImpulse response of discrete-time filter System object
impzlengthImpulse response length
infoCharacteristic information about valid delay range
infoCharacteristic information about System object
infoGet cumulative overrun and underrun
infoInformation about filter
intStates from CIC filter
isallpassDetermine whether filter is allpass
isfirDetermine whether filter System object is FIR
islinphaseDetermine whether filter has linear phase
ismaxphaseDetermine whether filter is maximum phase
isminphaseDetermine whether filter is minimum phase
isNewDataReadyCheck spectrum analyzer for new data
isrealDetermine whether filter uses real coefficients
issosDetermine whether filter is SOS form
isstableDetermine whether filter is stable
isVisibleDetermine visibility of scope
kaiserwinKaiser window filter from specification object
lagrangeFractional delay filter from fdesign.fracdelay specification object
liblinksCheck model for blocks from specific DSP System Toolbox libraries
limitcycleResponse of single-rate, fixed-point IIR filter
maxflatMaxflat FIR filter
maximizestopbandMaximize stopband attenuation of fixed-point filter
maxstepMaximum step size for LMS adaptive filter convergence
measureMeasure frequency response characteristics of filter System object
midicallbackCall function handle when MIDI controls change value
midicontrolsOpen a group of MIDI controls for reading
midiidInteractively identify MIDI control
midireadReturn most recent value of MIDI controls
midisyncSend values to MIDI controls to synchronize
minimizecoeffwlMinimum wordlength fixed-point filter
modifyCursorModify properties of Logic Analyzer cursor
modifyDisplayChannelModify properties of Logic Analyzer display channel
moveDisplayChannelMove position of Logic Analyzer display channel
msepredPredicted mean squared error for LMS adaptive filter
msesimEstimated mean-squared error for adaptive filters
multistageMultistage filter from specification object
noisepsdPower spectral density of filter output due to roundoff noise
noisepsdoptsOptions for running filter output noise PSD
normP-norm of filter
normalizeNormalize filter numerator or feed-forward coefficients
normalizefreqSwitch filter specification between normalized frequency and absolute frequency
nstatesNumber of filter states
orderOrder of discrete-time filter System object
peekRead data from buffer without changing number of unread samples
phasedelayPhase delay response of discrete-time filter System object
phasezUnwrapped phase response for filter
polyphaseReturn polyphase matrix
polyphasePolyphase decomposition of multirate filter
qreportMost recent fixed-point filtering operation report
readRead data from buffer
realizemdlSimulink subsystem block for filter
rebuffer_delayNumber of samples of delay introduced by buffering and unbuffering operations
reffilterReference filter for fixed-point or single-precision filter
reorderRearrange sections in SOS filter
resetReset the internal states of a System object
scaleScale second-order sections of dsp.BiquadFilter System object
scalecheckCheck scaling of dsp.BiquadFilter System object
scaleoptsCreate an options object for second-order section scaling
set2intConfigure filter for integer filtering
setspecsSpecifications for filter specification object
showDisplay scope window
sosConvert quantized filter to second–order sections (SOS) form
specifyallFully specify fixed-point filter System object settings
SpectrumAnalyzerConfigurationConfigure Spectrum Analyzer for programmatic access
stepDisplay time-varying magnitude response
stepzStep response of discrete-time filter System object
sysobjCreate filter System object from discrete-time filter
tfReturn transfer function of overall prototype lowpass filter
tf2caTransfer function to coupled allpass
tf2clTransfer function to coupled allpass lattice
TimeScopeConfigurationControl Scope block appearance and behavior
validstructuresStructures for specification object with design method
visualizeFilterStagesDisplay response of filter stages
visualizeFilterStagesVisualize filter stages
wdf2allpassWave Digital Filter to allpass coefficient transformation
windowFIR filter using windowed impulse response
writeWrite data to buffer
zerophaseZero-phase response of discrete-time filter System object
zpkbpc2bpcZero-pole-gain complex bandpass frequency transformation
zpkftransfZero-pole-gain frequency transformation
zpklp2bpZero-pole-gain lowpass to bandpass frequency transformation
zpklp2bpcZero-pole-gain lowpass to complex bandpass frequency transformation
zpklp2bsZero-pole-gain lowpass to bandstop frequency transformation
zpklp2bscZero-pole-gain lowpass to complex bandstop frequency transformation
zpklp2hpZero-pole-gain lowpass to highpass frequency transformation
zpklp2lpZero-pole-gain lowpass to lowpass frequency transformation
zpklp2mbZero-pole-gain lowpass to M-band frequency transformation
zpklp2mbcZero-pole-gain lowpass to complex M-band frequency transformation
zpklp2xcZero-pole-gain lowpass to complex N-point frequency transformation
zpklp2xnZero-pole-gain lowpass to N-point frequency transformation
zpkrateupZero-pole-gain complex bandpass frequency transformation
zpkshiftZero-pole-gain real shift frequency transformation
zpkshiftcZero-pole-gain complex shift frequency transformation
zplaneZ-plane zero-pole plot for discrete-time filter System object