Unreal Engine Driving Scenario Simulation

Develop, test, and visualize the performance of driving algorithms in a 3D simulated environment using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games®

Automated Driving Toolbox™ provides a co-simulation framework for modeling and visualizing driving algorithms in Simulink® in a 3D environment. This simulation environment uses the Unreal Engine by Epic Games.

With this simulation environment, you can configure prebuilt scenes, place and move vehicles within the scene, and set up and simulate camera, radar, or lidar sensors on the vehicles. Use this environment to develop, test, and verify the performance of perception, path planning, and control algorithms, including closed-loop algorithms. To learn more, see 3D Simulation for Automated Driving.


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Simulation 3D Scene ConfigurationScene configuration for 3D simulation environment
Simulation 3D Vehicle with Ground FollowingImplement vehicle that follows ground in 3D environment
Cuboid To 3D SimulationConvert actor from cuboid coordinates to 3D simulation coordinates
Simulation 3D CameraCamera sensor model with lens in 3D simulation environment
Simulation 3D Fisheye CameraFisheye camera sensor model in 3D simulation environment
Simulation 3D LidarLidar sensor model in 3D simulation environment
Simulation 3D Probabilistic RadarProbabilistic radar sensor model in 3D simulation environment
Simulation 3D Probabilistic Radar ConfigurationConfigure probabilistic radar signatures in 3D simulation environment

Scenes and Vehicle Dimensions

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Straight RoadStraight road 3D environment
Curved RoadCurved road 3D environment
Parking LotParking lot 3D environment
Large Parking LotLarge parking lot 3D environment
Open SurfaceOpen surface 3D environment
Double Lane ChangeDouble lane change 3D environment
US City BlockUS city block 3D environment
US HighwayUS highway 3D environment
Virtual McityVirtual Mcity 3D environment
Box TruckBox truck vehicle dimensions
HatchbackHatchback vehicle dimensions
Muscle CarMuscle car vehicle dimensions
SedanSedan vehicle dimensions
Small Pickup TruckSmall pickup truck vehicle dimensions
Sport Utility VehicleSport utility vehicle dimensions


Bird's-Eye ScopeVisualize sensor coverages, detections, and tracks


Simulation Basics

3D Simulation for Automated Driving

Learn how to model driving algorithms in Simulink and visualize their performance in a 3D environment using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

3D Simulation Environment Requirements and Limitations

When simulating in the 3D environment using the Unreal Engine, keep these software requirements, minimum hardware recommendations, and limitations in mind.

How 3D Simulation for Automated Driving Works

Learn about the co-simulation framework between Simulink and the Unreal Engine and how block execution order affects 3D simulation.

Coordinate Systems for 3D Simulation in Automated Driving Toolbox

Understand the world and vehicle coordinate systems when simulating in the 3D environment.

Simulation with Sensors

Choose a Sensor for 3D Simulation

Decide which camera, lidar, or radar sensors to use during 3D simulation with the Unreal Engine.

Simulate a Simple Driving Scenario and Sensor in 3D Environment

Learn the basics of configuring and simulating scenes, vehicles, and sensors in a 3D environment powered by the Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

Visualize Depth and Semantic Segmentation Data in 3D Environment

Visualize depth and semantic segmentation data captured from a camera sensor in a 3D simulation environment.

Visualize 3D Simulation Sensor Coverages and Detections

Visualize sensor coverage areas and detections obtained from high-fidelity radar and lidar sensors in the 3D simulation environment.

Scene Customization

Customize 3D Scenes for Automated Driving

Customize 3D scenes for automated driving applications.

Apply Semantic Segmentation Labels to Custom Scenes

Apply labels to objects in a scene so that you can obtain semantic segmentation data from a camera sensor.

Featured Examples