Verify supported GPU is available for computation



tf = canUseGPU() returns a logical value indicating if there is a GPU available for computation. The function returns logical 1 (true) if there is a supported GPU available, a recent GPU driver is present, and Parallel Computing Toolbox™ is installed and licensed for use. Otherwise, the function returns logical 0 (false).

Using a GPU requires Parallel Computing Toolbox and a CUDA® enabled NVIDIA® GPU with compute capability 3.0 or higher. For more information on supported GPUs, see GPU Support by Release (Parallel Computing Toolbox).


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Solve a system of linear equations. Perform the calculation using a GPU if one is available; otherwise, use the CPU.

Create the data on the CPU.

N = 1000;
A = rand(N);
b = rand(N,1);

Transfer the matrix A to the GPU, if there is one available

tf = canUseGPU()
tf = 
if tf
    A = gpuArray(A);

Solve the system of linear equations.

x = A\b;

Since A exists on the GPU, the solution is calculated on the GPU.

Introduced in R2019b