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Other Service Providers

Data from other financial data service providers

Datafeed Toolbox™ enables you to connect to and import data from other service providers besides Bloomberg®, FactSet®, and Refinitiv™. Import current, real-time, historical, and intraday market data into MATLAB® depending on the provider. To import news data, use IQFEED®, RavenPack® News Analytics, or Money.Net. To import athlete performance and injury data, use To import social data, use Twitter®.

After importing the data, you can perform data analysis, develop models, and create visualizations to understand financial and market behaviors, or athletic performance.

Economic Data

  • FRED
    Historical data from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED®) server
  • Haver Analytics
    Historical data from the Haver Analytics® data server

Financial Data

  • IHS Markit
    Factor data from IHS Markit®
    Intraday tick, historical, and news data from IQFEED data server
  • Kx Systems, Inc.
    Time series data from Kx Systems®, Inc. database
  • Money.Net
    Current, intraday, historical, real-time, and news data from Money.Net
  • Quandl
    Historical data from Quandl®
  • SIX Financial Information
    Current, intraday tick, and historical data from SIX Financial Information data server

News and Social Data

  • RavenPack News Analytics
    Intraday, historical, and real-time news event data from the RavenPack News Analytics data server
  • Twitter
    Historical Tweets and access to Twitter REST API endpoints

Sports Data

    Current and historical team, athlete, and event data from