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RMI Prerequisites

This section describes the prerequisites needed prior to using RMI.

Ensure You Have the Required Products

The following products must be installed at their recommended release levels.

  • MATLAB®, MATLAB Compiler™, MATLAB Compiler SDK™

  • Java® Development Kit (JDK™)

    Ensure you have a JDK installed on your system. You can download OpenJDK from


    You should be using the same major version of Java that ships with MATLAB. To find out what version of Java MATLAB is running, enter the following MATLAB command:

    version -java

Ensure Your Web Server Is Java Compliant

In order to run this example, your Web server must be capable of running accepted Java frameworks like J2EE.

Install the javabuilder.jar Library

Ensure that the javabuilder.jar library (matlabroot/toolbox/javabuilder/jar/javabuilder.jar) has been installed into your Web server’s common library folder.