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QPSK Signal Timing Offset Correction

Correct a fixed symbol timing offset on a noisy QPSK signal by using the Symbol Synchronizer block. The number of symbols output by the Symbol Synchronizer block is variable size. If a fixed size signal is required for downstream processing, you can use a Selector (Simulink) block to convert the Symbol Synchronizer output to a fixed size signal.

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The Delay block adds a fixed timing error of 2 samples to the signal at the Raised Cosine Transmit Filter block output. Since the Raised Cosine Transmit Filter block configuration outputs 4 samples per symbol, the timing delay is 0.5 symbols. The output of the symbol synchronizer is converted to a fixed size signal by the Selector block.

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To see how the symbol synchronizer improves QPSK symbol resolution, view the constellations of the signal before symbol synchronization, and the variable size and fixed size signals after symbol synchronization.