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System object: comm.PSKModulator
Package: comm

Calculate or plot ideal signal constellation


y = constellation(h)


y = constellation(h) returns the numerical values of the constellation.

constellation(h) generates a constellation plot for the object.


Plot PSK Reference Constellation

Create a PSK modulator.

mod = comm.PSKModulator;

Determine the reference constellation points.

refC = constellation(mod)
refC = 8×1 complex

   0.9239 + 0.3827i
   0.3827 + 0.9239i
  -0.3827 + 0.9239i
  -0.9239 + 0.3827i
  -0.9239 - 0.3827i
  -0.3827 - 0.9239i
   0.3827 - 0.9239i
   0.9239 - 0.3827i

Plot the constellation.


Create a PSK demodulator having modulation order 16.

demod = comm.PSKDemodulator(16);

Plot its reference constellation. The constellation method works for both modulator and demodulator objects.