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Powertrain Blockset Blocks - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category


Mapped CI EngineCompression-ignition engine model using lookup tables
Mapped SI EngineSpark-ignition engine model using lookup tables
CI ControllerCompression-ignition controller that includes air mass flow, torque, and EGR estimation
SI ControllerSpark-ignition engine controller that uses the driver torque request
CI Core EngineCompression-ignition engine from intake to exhaust port
SI Core EngineSpark-ignition engine from intake to exhaust port
Mapped Core EngineSteady-state core engine model using lookup tables
Boost Drive ShaftBoost drive shaft speed
CompressorCompressor for boosted engines
Control Volume SystemConstant volume open thermodynamic system with heat transfer
Flow BoundaryFlow boundary for ambient temperature and pressure
Flow RestrictionIsentropic ideal gas flow through an orifice
Heat ExchangerIntercooler or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler
TurbineTurbine for boosted engines
Flux-Based PMSMFlux-based permanent magnet synchronous motor
Induction MotorThree-phase induction motor
Interior PMSM Three-phase interior permanent magnet synchronous motor with sinusoidal back electromotive force
Mapped MotorMapped motor and drive electronics operating in torque-control mode
Surface Mount PMSMThree-phase exterior permanent magnet synchronous motor with sinusoidal back electromotive force
Flux-Based PM ControllerController for a flux-based permanent magnet synchronous motor
IM ControllerInternal torque-based, field-oriented controller for an induction motor with an optional outer-loop speed controller
Interior PM ControllerTorque-based, field-oriented controller for an internal permanent magnet synchronous motor
Surface Mount PM ControllerTorque-based, field-oriented controller for a surface mount permanent magnet synchronous motor

Transmission and Drivetrain

Limited Slip DifferentialLimited differential as a planetary bevel gear
Open DifferentialDifferential as a planetary bevel gear
Longitudinal WheelLongitudinal wheel with disc, drum, or mapped brake
Automated Manual TransmissionIdeal automated manual transmission
Continuously Variable TransmissionPush belt continuously variable transmission with independent radii control
Dual Clutch TransmissionDual clutch transmission that applies torque to the drive shaft
Ideal Fixed Gear TransmissionIdeal fixed gear transmission without clutch or synchronization
AMT ControllerAutomated manual transmission controller with clutch open, close, and synchronization timing
CVT ControllerContinuously variable transmission controller
DCT ControllerDual clutch transmission controller
Disc ClutchIdealized disc clutch coupler
GearboxIdeal rotational gearbox
Planetary GearIdeal planetary gear with sun, ring, and carrier
Split Torsional ComplianceSplit torsional coupler
Rotational InertiaIdeal mechanical rotational inertia
Torque ConverterThree-part torque converter consisting of an impeller, turbine, and stator
Torsional ComplianceParallel spring-damper

Energy Storage

Datasheet BatteryLithium-ion, lithium-polymer, or lead-acid battery
Estimation Equivalent Circuit BatteryResistor-capacitor (RC) circuit battery that creates lookup tables
Equivalent Circuit BatteryResistor-capacitor (RC) circuit battery
Bidirectional DC-DCDC-to-DC converter that supports bidirectional boost and buck
Reduced Lundell AlternatorReduced Lundell (claw-pole) alternator with an external voltage regulator
StarterStarter as a DC motor


Vehicle Body 1DOF LongitudinalTwo-axle vehicle in forward and reverse motion
Vehicle Body 3DOF Longitudinal3DOF rigid vehicle body to calculate longitudinal, vertical, and pitch motion
Vehicle Body Total Road LoadVehicle motion using coast-down testing coefficients
Drive Cycle SourceStandard or specified longitudinal drive cycle
Longitudinal DriverLongitudinal speed-tracking controller