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Mirror shape along x-axis

Since R2022a



mirrorX(shape) mirrors a shape along the x-axis.


mirroredshape = mirrorX(shape) stores the mirrored shape in a shape object.


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Create a Dumbell shaped patch by performing operations on a circular and a rectangular shape.

Create patch shape and view it

Use antenna.Circle and antenna.Rectangle to create a patch shape and view it.

c1 = antenna.Circle(Center=[0 1],Radius=0.5);
c2 = antenna.Rectangle(Center=[0 0.25],Length=0.3,Width=1);
cm = c1 + c2;

Mirror the shape along x-axis

Use mirrorX to create a mirror image of the shape along x-axis and view it.

cmm = mirrorX(cm);

Add both shapes to create Dumbell shape

Add the original shape and its mirror image along x-axis to create a Dumbell shape and view it.

c3 = c1 + c2 + cmm;

Input Arguments

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Shape to mirror, specified as antenna.Shape object. You can specify rectangular, circular, elliptical, triangular, or polygon shape.

Example: antenna.Polygon

Output Arguments

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Mirrored shape stored as an antenna.Shape object.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a