Installed Antenna and Large Structures

Antennas on platforms, infinite arrays, and infinite ground planes

Installed antenna analysis involves electrically large structures called platforms. These platforms can be a plane, ship, or inside a car on its bumper. Antennas or arrays are installed around these platforms. You can use Antenna Toolbox™ to understand the effects of platform on antenna performance.

Use antenna elements to create infinite arrays, analyze the arrays over the desired range of scan angles, and calculate scan element patterns.


platformCreate platform object for installed antenna setup
installedAntennaInstalled antenna setup
infiniteArrayCreate 2-D custom mesh antenna on X-Y plane


Infinite Arrays

Infinite arrays are rectangular arrays of infinite extent.

Infinite Ground Plane

Antenna Toolbox library element uses the image theory technique to model an infinite ground plane.

Hybrid MoM-PO Method for Metal Antennas with Large Scatterers

Hybrid method of moments (MoM) physical optics (PO) computational technique in Antenna Toolbox allows you to model antennas near large scatterers such as parabolic reflectors.

Featured Examples