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Calculates the growth rates using available industrial data

Maximum biomass growth rate (mu_{X_{max}} ) calculated from the carbon evolution rate (CER) Maximum penicillin growth rate (mu_{P_{max}} ) calculated from first two off line penicillin measurements

function [mu_X_CER mu_p ] = full_growth_rates2(Xinterp)
% Calculating the biomass specific growth rate using the biomass estimated
% from the carbon evolution rate (X_CER)
t = Xinterp.X_CER.t(:,1);
j =25;
t_5 = t(1:j:end);
X_CER =  Xinterp.X_CER.y(:,1);
X_CER_5 = X_CER(1:j:end); % calculating over a 5 hour period
% Looking at calculating the specific growth rate properly:
for n = 2:1: length(X_CER_5)
X_1 = X_CER_5(n-1); % t1
X_2 =  X_CER_5(n); % t2
mu_X_CER(n) = ((log(X_2/X_1))/(t_5(n)-t_5(n-1)));
mu_X_CER = real(mu_X_CER);
%Calculating the specific growth rat of Penicillin
mu_p = (diff(Xinterp.P.y));
Undefined variable Xinterp.

Error in full_growth_rates2 (line 8)
t = Xinterp.X_CER.t(:,1); 


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