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scatstat1 documentation

The scatstat1 function returns statistical values of all points within a given radius of each value. This is similar to taking a moving mean, but points do not have to be equally spaced, nor do x values need to be monotonically increasing.



ybar = scatstat1(x,y,radius)
ybar = scatstat1(x,y,radius,fun)


ybar = scatstat1(x,y,radius) returns the mean of all y values within specified radius at each point x.

ybar = scatstat1(x,y,radius,fun) applies any function fun to y values, default fun is @mean, but could be @median, @nanstd, etc.


Get the local median of all points within 10 units of each x point. Start by creating some random non-sorted data with N = 10,000 points:

N = 10000;
x = randi(300,N,1) + 20+3*randn(N,1) ;
y = 3*sind(x) + randn(size(x)) + 3;
axis tight
box off

Now get the moving median of all points within 15 x units of each value:

yb = scatstat1(x,y,15,@median);

hold on

Note, this function does not interpolate or enforce any equal spacing. Final values correspond to each x point, which need not be equally spaced or sorted:

axis([167 173 1 6])

Author info:

This function was written by Chad A. Greene of the University of Texas at Austin's Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), June 2016.