MATLAB Examples

This is an example showing standard markers available in MATLAB® plots.

Read about the plot function in the MATLAB documentation.

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% Generate some data using the besselj function
x = 0:0.2:10;
y0 = besselj(0,x);
y1 = besselj(1,x);
y2 = besselj(2,x);
y3 = besselj(3,x);
y4 = besselj(4,x);
y5 = besselj(5,x);
y6 = besselj(6,x);

% Plot the points from the Bessel functions using standard marker types
plot(x, y0, 'r+', x, y1, 'go', x, y2, 'b*', x, y3, 'cx', ...
    x, y4, 'ms', x, y5, 'yd', x, y6, 'kv')