MATLAB Examples

This is an example of how to create a triangular plot in MATLAB®.

Read about the triplot function in the MATLAB documentation.

For more examples, go to MATLAB Plot Gallery

% Create a set of points representing a point cloud
numpts = 192;
t = linspace(-pi, pi, numpts+1)';
r = 0.1 + 5*sqrt(cos(6*t).^2 + (0.7).^2);
x = r.*cos(t);
y = r.*sin(t);

% Construct a Delaunay Triangulation of the point set
dt  = DelaunayTri(x,y);
tri = dt(:,:);

% Create a triangle plot of the Delauney Triangulation
axis equal

% Add title and axis labels
title('Curve reconstruction from a point cloud')