MATLAB Examples

HSDPT(High Shear Deformation Plate Theory)


Buckling Displacements

function[] = ubuckver1_test_1(~)

Introduction and Explanations

This script is presented here as part of many of them to achieve HSDPT displacements, strains and stresses solution. Particularly, this theory is used to treat all sides simply supported multilayered plate buckling problem. The explanation of the approach is given inside ISBN 978-86-7609-695-4 and some presented tests are calculated using these bunch of scripts. How to activate that is explained on!ApmgEz3B9ObHhVR9m1qseaqlKOvl . And all of them are on this link too. Besides, the attempt to minimize thickness of plate and to look in possible orientation combination for stacking sequence solution together is included and all explanation is inside.

If you could not open this link try to retrieve original site, paste on!ApmgEz3B9ObHhVR9m1qseaqlKOvl link and click Click to go to the URL .

Thank you.

Imported data

Previous calculated data

 uu1 = xlsread('uu1.xlsx');
 uu2 = xlsread('uu2.xlsx');
% -      all values are calculated according given links
% -      and imported in presented formats
% load ('fmnFTP2.mat','fmn','diffsmin')
% load ('fFTP2.mat','xfreqq1')
% CC = dlmread('freqout1.txt');

Chosen critical modes

sbvel is aspect ratio; bvel is shorter side of rectangular plate; avel is longer side

%  sbvel = CC(1,1);
%  sbvel = 6;
%  bvel  = CC(1,2);
  bvel = 100;
%  avel = sbvel*bvel;
  avel = 600;
xxx1 = (0:avel/80:avel);
yyy1 = (0:bvel/80:bvel);

Modes and amplitudes

km1 = fmn(1,1);
     km1 = 1;
 %   kn1 = fmn(1,2);
     kn1 = 1;
 %   km2 = fmn(2,1);
     km2 = 2;
 %   kn2 = fmn(2,2);
     kn2 = 1;
maxlu = (max(uu1(:)+uu2(:)));

Buckling Animation (displacement)

Important is to notice displacement redistribution during sequence of current "mode".

set(gcf,'Renderer', 'zbuffer');

F1(160) = struct('cdata',[],'colormap',[]);

                     for kk = 0:.05:1
                  for k = 1:30

                        uu1am = uu2*k/30;
                    uam   = kk*uu1;

                u0ud    = 1/maxlu*(uu1am + uam);

    axis off
    grid off
    view([-24, 41])
    lightangle (-50,30)
    zlim([-1. 1.])

 F1(k) = getframe;