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Introduction to MATLAB zyBook

Authors: André Knoesen, University of California, Davis | Rajeevan Amirtharajah, University of California, Davis 
Publisher: zyBooks · ISBN: 978-0-9895902-5-9 · Language: English

Written for undergraduate students, this web-based book presents a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB through interactive questions, animations, and automated MATLAB assessment. Topics include variables, scripts, functions, and strings, with an emphasis on arrays and their applications.

The Introduction to MATLAB zyBook also includes an integrated MATLAB homework system that allows students to complete exercises by writing MATLAB code directly in their browser. They’ll receive hints and feedback as they work through each prompt and their answers will be automatically graded.


  • Access the textbook, homework, and practice from one location
  • Put theory into action through an engaging, learn-by-doing approach
  • Improve student learning with instant, contextual feedback
  • Save time grading with automated MATLAB assessment using MATLAB Grader
  • See real-time analysis of class and student performance
  • Create custom MATLAB assignments using zyLabs
  • Use proven, prebuilt interactive questions and animations
Video length is 1:23

Online and Interactive Tools Simplified the Move to Remote Learning

Dr. André Knoesen

“If it wasn’t for the zyBook and the interactive MATLAB structure that was already in place, our transition would have been much more difficult. I would say almost impossible.”

– Dr. André Knoesen, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Davis

zyBooks vs. Traditional Format

  • Overall student performance improved by 16% after one lesson, and lower-performing students improved by 64%
  • Students reported significantly higher levels of engagement, spending twice as long with the zyBook as with a traditional textbook
  • 96% of instructors saw a boost in their students’ confidence with the subject matter

About the Publisher

Founded in 2012 by Smita Bakshi and Frank Vahid, zyBooks is a web-based platform that provides content for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) college market worldwide. zyBooks are authored by collaborative teams of professors, content developers, and software engineers, and have been used by over 500,000 students.