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Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products

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Sarah Zaranek, MathWorks
Mehernaz Savai, MathWorks

Learn how to use MATLAB to build mathematical models for forecasting and optimizing the behavior of complex systems. Product demonstrations will highlight how you can:

  • Develop models using data fitting and first principle modeling techniques
  • Identify parameters that optimize system performance
  • Simulate models and develop custom postprocessing routines
  • Generate reports that document model derivation and simulation results 
  • Share models

You will also learn about different approaches that can be used to develop models. This includes building and optimizing models using the MATLAB language and built in functionality, deriving system equations using symbolic computation, and leveraging pre-built graphical tools for specific modeling tasks such as parametric surface fitting.

Presenter: Sarah Wait Zaranek

Product Focus

  • Symbolic Math Toolbox

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