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The MATLAB 5 Handbook 2284

The MATLAB 5 Handbook

This book is a complete reference tool for the MATLAB computation language and is written for all MATLAB users, regardless of their disciplines or field(s) of interest. All the built-in mathematical, graphic, and system-based commands available in MATLAB 5 are listed in detail. Each command listing includes the command name, most common type of parameter sequence, expected type of output, argument options, and additional information. All the commands are organized in logical subsets that reflect a specific subject area and the commands within a subset are explained in a similar manner. Included in the book is an introductory session intended for those readers not already familiar with MATLAB.

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Darren Redfern, Practical Approach Corp
Colin Campbell, University of Waterloo

Springer, 1998

ISBN: 0-387-94200-9
Language: English