Mixed-Signal Systems

Analog and Digital Design

Using isolated design tools constrains you to follow separate design paths for analog and digital design. This tool isolation delays the discovery of errors at the analog-digital interface and makes the evaluation of trade-offs between analog and digital designs difficult.

Design and Verify Analog and Digital Systems in the Same Environment

The advanced simulation engine in Simulink® enables you to simulate analog and digital designs together in the same model and thoroughly test the analog-digital interface early in the design process. The cosimulation links between MATLAB® and Simulink and third-party design tools, such as Cadence® Virtuoso® AMS Designer and Mentor Graphics ModelSim®, further enable you to verify SPICE or HDL models in the same analog and digital design environment.

Evaluate Analog and Digital Design Tradeoffs

Having analog and digital design in the same model lets you design across domains. For example, you can model digital predistortion – allowing you to digitally correct analog amplifier non-linearities. You can compare all-digital PLLs and mixed-signal PLLs in the same model.