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SyD - System Document Generator

PDF document generation from Simulink® models


  • Comprehensive documentation with vector block diagram snapshots
  • Rich comments with full RTF support
  • Unique in-diagram navigation
  • One-click generation of the entire system architecture
  • Support for all advanced PDF features
  • Full integration with Simulink


SyD - System Document Generator
Enlarge Example of generated document

The LeanPulse System Document generator (SyD) enables easy and fast generation of rich PDF documents from Simulink models. SyD offers a simplified graphic interface, enabling users to generate documents from their models without leaving Simulink, in a single click. The tool implements a powerful generation engine to produce attractive and easy-to-browse PDF documents. SyD extracts all the required information from the model, including block diagram snapshots (as vector graphics), comments (SubSystem description, text, and RTF DocBlocks), and the data dictionary (from Simulink.Signal and Simulink.Parameter definitions). SyD offers a system of generation profiles to quickly generate several documents with different look-and-feels and selections of content from the exact same model. SyD also enables the generation of a full, consistent, and cross-linked set of documents, describing the entire system architecture, in another single click. 

The provided installer automatically installs SyD in the MATLAB® environment as a toolbox. It adds entries in the Simulink menus, enabling users to start documentation generation from the model.

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