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J2 Universal Toolkit

Complete aircraft dynamic data model building and simulation toolkit


  • Easy-to-use interface for aircraft model construction
  • High-fidelity, detailed representation of aircraft dynamics
  • Optimize solutions with aircraft variants and data tolerances
  • Configuration management of all aircraft data models
  • Select and update aircraft data models quickly
  • Consistent data for all users across a network


The J2 Universal Toolkit contains a series of tools that can be used for aircraft model construction and simulation. All models are configuration controlled, with all data stored in a centralised database, ensuring that all members of a team have access to consistent data. Starting with key specifications — aerodynamics, component positions, weights, etc. — users can use the J2 Builder tool to quickly construct a reliable aircraft model ready for assessment. Tolerances and many other variables can be applied to the same data model for further investigations. Models can be added as Simulink blocks for simulation and analysis.

The J2 Universal Toolkit uses the J2 Active component to provide a set of Simulink blocks that can be used within Simulink models to construct aircraft dynamic simulations. Users select an aircraft model from the J2 Universal database, and then connect pilot controls and other inputs to the model. These are added to the standard aircraft states to provide a complete set of inputs. The outputs from the block are the forces and moments, and mass and inertia values. These values can then be used with the Aerospace Blockset to provide dynamic modelling capabilities. Flight control systems and avionics can be added to the model to provide a complete simulation of the aircraft and its systems.

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