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DaVinci Tool Suite

Tools for functional software design of distributed automotive systems


  • Design functions as distributable software components
  • Reuse functional software components in various vehicle configurations
  • Integrate third-party applications in your ECU
  • Integrate diagnostic functionality
  • Generate the ECU executable at the push of a button


The DaVinci Tool Suite enables a new development methodology with a special focus on automotive body electronics. A functional design approach allows the design of distributed systems as well as the integration of embedded software on ECUs. The modular design of software components with well defined signal interfaces simplifies the reuse of individually-tested and simulated vehicle functions in various networks.

The DaVinci Tool Suite includes two cooperative tools, which are well suited to the requirements of automotive manufactures and suppliers. During the development of vehicle electronics, DaVinci supports systems designers, ECU developers, ECU integrators, and system integrators.

DaVinci provides an interface to MATLAB and Simulink to support a model-based implementation of DaVinci software components. This interface includes a blockset (e.g. for accessing signal values and signal states), a TLC-file for adapting the Simulink Coder generated code, and data import/export features.

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