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Tire behavior assessment and modeling solution


  • Accurate modeling of tire-road interaction forces and moments
  • Aims for robustness, speed, and wide availability
  • Parameter assessment supported by both software and test facilities
  • Model development based upon realistic tire testing
  • Real-time applications supported
  • A wide range of DELFT-TYRE datasets is available



Based on Professor Pacejka's famous Magic Formula for describing tires, TNO's Delft-Tyre products provide a solution for the automotive market for assessing and modeling tire behavior, from simple steady-state F&M properties to complex high-frequency tire dynamics. Using Delft-Tyre products, engineers have access to accurate and fast state-of-the-art tire modeling tools that do not require high-level experience and knowledge about tire-road behavior.

MF-Tyre 6.1 is the latest Delft-Tyre standard implementation of the renowned Pacejka Magic Formula. With MF-Tyre, engineers can simulate validated steady-state and transient behavior up to 8 Hz and analyze handling and control prototyping. The model accurately describes pure cornering and braking as well as combined conditions. The extrapolation properties of MF-Tyre 6.1 make the model suitable for simulating conditions that go beyond the measurement conditions. Users can download MF-Tyre 6.1 at no cost.

MF-Swift is the high-frequency (100 Hz) extension to MF-Tyre. MF-Swift adds generic 3-D obstacle enveloping and tire belt dynamics to MF-Tyre's tire-road contact force and moment simulation. Typical application areas for MF-Swift are vehicle comfort analysis; suspension vibration analysis; development of vehicle control systems, such as ABS or ESP; and handling and stability analysis, such as braking and power-off in a turn on an uneven road.

Delft-Tyre can help you obtain the right tire data sets for your simulations and can also create custom solutions to meet special requests (e.g., real-time application, integration with in-house simulation software, or porting to special platforms).

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