SimEvents Blocks

Attribute Function Access and modify attributes using MATLAB code
Attribute Scope Plot data from attribute of arriving entities
Cancel Timeout Cancel timeout event for each entity
Conn Provide entity input port or entity output port for virtual subsystem
Discrete Event Signal to Workspace Write event-based signal to workspace
Enabled Gate Allow entity arrivals upon positive control signal
Entity Combiner Generate one entity per set of entities arriving simultaneously
Entity Departure Counter Count departures and write result to signal port or attribute
Entity Departure Function-Call Generator Convert entity departure event into one or two function calls
Entity Sink Accept or block entities
Entity Splitter Divide composite entity into component entities
Entity-Based Function-Call Event Generator Generate function call events corresponding to entities
Event Filter Conditionalize, suppress, or prioritize execution of Atomic Subsystem
Event to Timed Function-Call Convert event-based function call to time-based function call
Event to Timed Signal Convert event-based signal to time-based signal
Event-Based Entity Generator Generate entity upon signal-based event or function call
Event-Based Random Number Generate random numbers from specified distribution, parameters, and initial seed
Event-Based Sequence Generate sequence of numbers from specified column vector
FIFO Queue Store entities in sequence for undetermined length of time
Get Attribute Output value of entity attribute
Infinite Server Delay any number of entities for period of time
Initial Value Output specified value until first sample time hit
Input Switch Accept entities from selected entity input port
Instantaneous Entity Counting Scope Plot entity count versus time
Instantaneous Event Counting Scope Plot event count versus time
LIFO Queue Store entities in stack for undetermined length of time
N-Server Serve up to N entities for period of time
Output Switch Select entity output port for departure
Path Combiner Merge entity paths
Priority Queue Store entities in sorted sequence for undetermined length of time
Read Timer Report statistical data about named timer associated with arriving entities
Release Gate Allow one pending entity to arrive when event occurs
Replicate Output copies of entity
Resource Acquire Acquire resource
Resource Pool Define resource
Resource Release Release resources that entities do not need
Schedule Timeout Schedule timeout event for each entity
Set Attribute Assign data to entity
Signal Latch Write input signal value to memory and read memory to output signal upon events
Signal Scope Plot data from signal
Signal-Based Function-Call Event Generator Generate function-call events in response to signal-based events
Signal-Based Function-Call Generator Convert signal-based events into function calls
Single Server Serve one entity for period of time
Start Timer Associate named timer to each arriving entity independently and start timing
Time-Based Entity Generator Generate entities using intergeneration times from signal or statistical distribution
Time-Based Function-Call Generator Generate function-call events in a time-based manner.
Timed to Event Function-Call Convert time-based function call to event-based function call
Timed to Event Signal Convert time-based signal to event-based signal
X-Y Attribute Scope Plot data from two attributes of arriving entities
X-Y Signal Scope Plot data from two signals
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