Create Uncertain Matrices from Uncertain Elements

You can create 2 uncertain real parameters, and then a 3-by-2 uncertain matrix using these uncertain elements.

a = ureal('a',3); 
b = ureal('b',10,'pe',20); 
M = [-a 1/b;b a+1/b;1 3] 
M =

  Uncertain matrix with 3 rows and 2 columns.
  The uncertainty consists of the following blocks:
    a: Uncertain real, nominal = 3, variability = [-1,1], 2 occurrences
    b: Uncertain real, nominal = 10, variability = [-20,20]%, 3 occurrences

Type "M.NominalValue" to see the nominal value, "get(M)" to see all properties, and "M.Uncertainty" to interact with the uncertain elements.
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