Amplitude-, phase-, and frequency-modulated waveforms; ambiguity function; matched filtering

System Objects

phased.FMCWWaveform FMCW Waveform
phased.LinearFMWaveform Linear FM pulse waveform
phased.MFSKWaveform MFSK waveform
phased.PhaseCodedWaveform Phase-coded pulse waveform
phased.RectangularWaveform Rectangular pulse waveform
phased.SteppedFMWaveform Stepped FM pulse waveform
phased.MatchedFilter Matched filter


FMCW Waveform Frequency-modulated continuous (FMCW) waveform source
Linear FM Waveform Linear FM (LFM) pulse waveform
MFSK Waveform Multiple frequency shift keying (MFSK) continuous waveform
Phase Coded Waveform Phase-coded pulse waveform
Rectangular Waveform Rectangular pulse waveform
Stepped FM Waveform Stepped FM pulse waveform


ambgfun Ambiguity function
unigrid Uniform grid
range2bw Convert range resolution to required bandwidth
range2time Convert propagation distance to propagation time
time2range Convert propagation time to propagation distance


Radar Waveform Analyzer Analyze performance characteristics of pulsed, frequency modulated, and phase-coded waveforms
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