Property information for items in OPC server name space


S = serveritemprops(DAObj,ItemID)
S = serveritemprops(DAObj,ItemID,PropID)


S = serveritemprops(DAObj,ItemID) returns all property information for the OPC server items specified by ItemID. ItemID is a single, fully qualified ItemID, specified as a string. DAObj is an opcda object connected to the OPC server. S is a structure array with the following fields:

Field Name



The property number


The property description


The property value

The number of properties returned by the server may be different for different ItemIDs.

Item properties include the item's canonical data type, limits, description, current value, etc.

S = serveritemprops(DAObj,ItemID,PropID) returns property information for the property IDs contained in PropID. PropID is a vector of integers. If PropID contains IDs that do not exist for that property, a warning is issued and any remaining property information is returned.

    Note   This function is not intended to read large amounts of data. Instead, it is intended to allow you to easily browse and read small amounts of data specific to a particular ItemID.

For a complete list of Property IDs defined by the OPC Foundation, consult OPC DA Server Item Properties.


Find the properties of the Matrikon™ Simulation Server Random.Real4 tag:

da = opcda('localhost', 'Matrikon.OPC.Simulation');
p = serveritemprops(da, 'Random.Real4');

Read the first property to see the item's canonical data type:


Read the third property to see the item's quality:


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