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Time Series Collections

Query and set tscollection object properties, plot tscollection objects


get (tscollection) Query tscollection object property values
isempty (tscollection) Determine whether tscollection object is empty
length (tscollection) Length of time vector
plot Plot time series
set (tscollection) Set properties of tscollection object
size (tscollection) Size of tscollection object
tscollection Create tscollection object
addsampletocollection Add sample to tscollection object
addts Add timeseries object to tscollection object
delsamplefromcollection Remove sample from tscollection object
getabstime (tscollection) Extract date-string time vector into cell array
getsampleusingtime (tscollection) Extract data samples into new tscollection object
gettimeseriesnames Cell array of names of timeseries objects in tscollection object
horzcat (tscollection) Horizontal concatenation for tscollection objects
removets Remove timeseries objects from tscollection object
resample (tscollection) Select or interpolate data in tscollection using new time vector
setabstime (tscollection) Set times of tscollection object as date strings
settimeseriesnames Change name of timeseries object in tscollection
vertcat (tscollection) Vertical concatenation for tscollection objects
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