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setabstime (tscollection)

Set times of tscollection object as date strings


tsc = setabstime(tsc,Times)
tsc = setabstime(tsc,Times,format)


tsc = setabstime(tsc,Times) sets the times in tsc using the date strings Times. Times must be either a cell array of strings, or a char array containing valid date or time values in the same date format.

tsc = setabstime(tsc,Times,format) specifies the date-string format used in Times explicitly.


  1. Create a tscollection object.

    tsc = tscollection(timeseries(rand(3,1)))
  2. Set the absolute time vector.

    tsc = setabstime(tsc,{'12-DEC-2005 12:34:56',... 
          '12-DEC-2005 13:34:56','12-DEC-2005 14:34:56'})

Introduced before R2006a

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