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Return information on functions in shared library


  • libfunctions libname
  • m = libfunctions(libname)
  • ___ = libfunctions(___,'-full') example


libfunctions libname displays names of functions defined in library, libname. If you called loadlibrary using the alias option, then you must use the alias name for the libname argument.

m = libfunctions(libname) returns names of functions in cell array m.


___ = libfunctions(___,'-full') returns function signatures.


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Display Function Signatures

Load the example library, shrlibsample, and list the functions.

if not(libisloaded('shrlibsample'))
m = libfunctions('shrlibsample','-full')
m = 

    '[double, doublePtr] addDoubleRef(double, doublePtr, double)'
    'double addMixedTypes(int16, int32, double)'
    '[double, c_structPtr] addStructByRef(c_structPtr)'
    'double addStructFields(c_struct)'
    'c_structPtrPtr allocateStruct(c_structPtrPtr)'
    'voidPtr deallocateStruct(voidPtr)'
    'lib.pointer exportedDoubleValue'
    'lib.pointer getListOfStrings'
    'doublePtr multDoubleArray(doublePtr, int32)'
    '[lib.pointer, doublePtr] multDoubleRef(doublePtr)'
    'int16Ptr multiplyShort(int16Ptr, int32)'
    'doublePtr print2darray(doublePtr, int32)'
    'cstring readEnum(Enum1)'
    '[cstring, cstring] stringToUpper(cstring)'

Input Arguments

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libname — Name of shared librarystring

Name of shared library, specified as a string. Do not include the path or file extension in libname.

If you call loadlibrary using the alias option, then you must use the alias name for the libname argument.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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m — Function namescell array

Functions names, returned as a cell array.


  • Use with libraries that are loaded using the loadlibrary function.

Introduced before R2006a

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