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getabstime (tscollection)

Extract date-string time vector into cell array




getabstime(tsc) extracts the time vector from the tscollection object tsc as a cell array of date strings. To define the time vector relative to a calendar date, set the TimeInfo.StartDate property of the time-series collection. When the TimeInfo.StartDate format is a valid datestr format, the output strings from getabstime have the same format.


  1. Create a tscollection object.

    tsc = tscollection(timeseries([3 6 8 0 10]));
  2. Set the StartDate property.

    tsc.TimeInfo.StartDate = '10/27/2005 07:05:36';
  3. Extract a vector of absolute time values.

    ans = 
        '27-Oct-2005 07:05:36'
        '27-Oct-2005 07:05:37'
        '27-Oct-2005 07:05:38'
        '27-Oct-2005 07:05:39'
        '27-Oct-2005 07:05:40'
  4. Change the date-string format of the time vector.

    tsc.TimeInfo.Format = 'mm/dd/yy';
  5. Extract the time vector with the new date-string format.

    ans = 

Introduced before R2006a

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