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(To be removed) Name of source control system

    Note:   cmopts will be removed in a future release. View the currently selected source control system through Preferences instead.




cmopts returns the name of your version control system.

Output Arguments

Value Returned by cmoptsDescriptionPlatform Supported On

ClearCase® software from IBM® Rational®

UNIX® platforms
customverctrlCustom interface created using customverctrl functionUNIX platforms
cvsConcurrent Version System (CVS)UNIX platforms
noneNo source control system selected 
pvcsPVCS® and ChangeMan® softwareUNIX platforms

Revision Control System (RCS)

UNIX platforms
Any SCC-compliant source control system, for example, Microsoft Visual SourceSafeVariesWindows® platforms


To view the currently selected source control system, click the Preferences button on the Home tab, and select General > Source Control.

Introduced before R2006a

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