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Ordinary Differential Equations

Ordinary differential equation initial value problem solvers


ode45 Solve nonstiff differential equations; medium order method
ode15s Solve stiff differential equations and DAEs; variable order method
ode23 Solve nonstiff differential equations; low order method
ode113 Solve nonstiff differential equations; variable order method
ode23t Solve moderately stiff ODEs and DAEs; trapezoidal rule
ode23tb Solve stiff differential equations; low order method
ode23s Solve stiff differential equations; low order method
ode15i Solve fully implicit differential equations, variable order method
decic Compute consistent initial conditions for ode15i
odextend Extend solution of initial value problem for ordinary differential equation
odeget Ordinary differential equation options parameters
odeset Create or alter options structure for ordinary differential equation solvers
deval Evaluate solution of differential equation problem

Examples and How To

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