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abs Entrywise magnitude of frequency response
absorbDelay Replace time delays by poles at z = 0 or phase shift
allmargin Gain margin, phase margin, delay margin and crossover frequencies
AnalysisPoint Points of interest for linear analysis
append Group models by appending their inputs and outputs
augstate Append state vector to output vector
balreal Gramian-based input/output balancing of state-space realizations
balred Model order reduction
balredOptions Create option set for model order reduction
bandwidth Frequency response bandwidth
bdschur Block-diagonal Schur factorization
blkdiag Block-diagonal concatenation of models
bode Bode plot of frequency response, magnitude and phase of frequency response
bodemag Bode magnitude response of LTI models
bodeoptions Create list of Bode plot options
bodeplot Plot Bode frequency response with additional plot customization options
c2d Convert model from continuous to discrete time
c2dOptions Create option set for continuous- to discrete-time conversions
canon State-space canonical realization
care Continuous-time algebraic Riccati equation solution
chgFreqUnit Change frequency units of frequency-response data model
chgTimeUnit Change time units of dynamic system
conj Form model with complex conjugate coefficients
connect Block diagram interconnections of dynamic systems
connectOptions Options for the connect command
covar Output and state covariance of system driven by white noise
ctrb Controllability matrix
ctrbf Compute controllability staircase form
ctrlpref Set Control System Toolbox preferences
d2c Convert model from discrete to continuous time
d2cOptions Create option set for discrete- to continuous-time conversions
d2d Resample discrete-time model
d2dOptions Create option set for discrete-time resampling
damp Natural frequency and damping ratio
dare Solve discrete-time algebraic Riccati equations (DAREs)
db2mag Convert decibels (dB) to magnitude
dcgain Low-frequency (DC) gain of LTI system
delay2z Replace delays of discrete-time TF, SS, or ZPK models by poles at z=0, or replace delays of FRD models by phase shift
delayss Create state-space models with delayed inputs, outputs, and states
dlqr Linear-quadratic (LQ) state-feedback regulator for discrete-time state-space system
dlyap Solve discrete-time Lyapunov equations
dlyapchol Square-root solver for discrete-time Lyapunov equations
drss Generate random discrete test model
dsort Sort discrete-time poles by magnitude
dss Create descriptor state-space models
dssdata Extract descriptor state-space data
esort Sort continuous-time poles by real part
estim Form state estimator given estimator gain
evalfr Evaluate frequency response at given frequency
fcat Concatenate FRD models along frequency dimension
fdel Delete specified data from frequency response data (FRD) models
feedback Feedback connection of two models
filt Specify discrete transfer functions in DSP format
fnorm Pointwise peak gain of FRD model
frd Create frequency-response data model, convert to frequency-response data model
frdata Access data for frequency response data (FRD) object
freqresp Frequency response over grid
freqsep Slow-fast decomposition
freqsepOptions Options for slow-fast decomposition
fselect Select frequency points or range in FRD model
gcare Generalized solver for continuous-time algebraic Riccati equation
gdare Generalized solver for discrete-time algebraic Riccati equation
genfrd Generalized frequency response data (FRD) model
genmat Generalized matrix with tunable parameters
gensig Generate test input signals for lsim
genss Generalized state-space model
get Access model property values
getBlockValue Current value of Control Design Block in Generalized Model
getCompSensitivity Complementary sensitivity function from generalized model of control system
getDelayModel State-space representation of internal delays
getGainCrossover Crossover frequencies for specified gain
getIOTransfer Closed-loop transfer function from generalized model of control system
getLFTModel Decompose generalized LTI model
getLoopTransfer Open-loop transfer function of control system
getNominal Nominal value of Generalized LTI model or Generalized matrix
getoptions Return @PlotOptions handle or plot options property
getPeakGain Peak gain of dynamic system frequency response
getPoints Get list of analysis points in generalized model of control system
getSensitivity Sensitivity function from generalized model of control system
getValue Current value of Generalized Model
gram Controllability and observability gramians
hasdelay True for linear model with time delays
hasInternalDelay Determine if model has internal delays
hsvd Hankel singular values of dynamic system
hsvdOptions Create option set for computing Hankel singular values and input/output balancing
hsvoptions Create list of Hankel singular value plot options
hsvplot Plot Hankel singular values and return plot handle
imp2exp Convert implicit linear relationship to explicit input-output relation
impulse Impulse response plot of dynamic system; impulse response data
impulseplot Plot impulse response and return plot handle
initial Initial condition response of state-space model
initialplot Plot initial condition response and return plot handle
interp Interpolate FRD model
inv Invert models
iopzmap Plot pole-zero map for I/O pairs of model
iopzplot Plot pole-zero map for I/O pairs and return plot handle
isct Determine if dynamic system model is in continuous time
isdt Determine if dynamic system model is in discrete time
isempty Determine whether dynamic system model is empty
isfinite Determine if model has finite coefficients
isParametric Determine if model has tunable parameters
isproper Determine if dynamic system model is proper
isreal Determine if model has real-valued coefficients
issiso Determine if dynamic system model is single-input/single-output (SISO)
isstable Determine whether system is stable
isstatic Determine if model is static or dynamic
kalman Kalman filter design, Kalman estimator
kalmd Design discrete Kalman estimator for continuous plant
lft Generalized feedback interconnection of two models (Redheffer star product)
lqg Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) design
lqgreg Form linear-quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) regulator
lqgtrack Form Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) servo controller
lqi Linear-Quadratic-Integral control
lqr Linear-Quadratic Regulator (LQR) design
lqrd Design discrete linear-quadratic (LQ) regulator for continuous plant
lqry Form linear-quadratic (LQ) state-feedback regulator with output weighting
lsim Simulate time response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs
lsiminfo Compute linear response characteristics
lsimplot Simulate response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs and return plot handle
lti/exp Create pure continuous-time delays
ltiblock.gain Tunable static gain block Tunable PID controller
ltiblock.pid2 Tunable two-degree-of-freedom PID controller Tunable fixed-order state-space model Tunable transfer function with fixed number of poles and zeros
ltiview LTI Viewer for LTI system response analysis
lyap Continuous Lyapunov equation solution
lyapchol Square-root solver for continuous-time Lyapunov equation
mag2db Convert magnitude to decibels (dB)
margin Gain margin, phase margin, and crossover frequencies
minreal Minimal realization or pole-zero cancelation
modred Model order reduction
modsep Region-based modal decomposition
nblocks Number of blocks in Generalized matrix or Generalized LTI model
ndims Query number of dimensions of dynamic system model or model array
ngrid Superimpose Nichols chart on Nichols plot
nichols Nichols chart of frequency response
nicholsoptions Create list of Nichols plot options
nicholsplot Plot Nichols frequency responses and return plot handle
nmodels Number of models in model array
norm Norm of linear model
nyquist Nyquist plot of frequency response
nyquistoptions List of Nyquist plot options
nyquistplot Nyquist plot with additional plot customization options
obsv Observability matrix
obsvf Compute observability staircase form
order Query model order
pade Padé approximation of model with time delays
parallel Parallel connection of two models
permute Permute array dimensions in model arrays
pid Create PID controller in parallel form, convert to parallel-form PID controller
piddata Access PID data
pidstd Create a PID controller in standard form, convert to standard-form PID controller
pidstddata Access PIDSTD data
pidtool Open PID Tuner for PID tuning
pidtune PID tuning algorithm for linear plant model
pidtuneOptions Define options for the pidtune command
pidTuner Open PID Tuner for PID tuning
place Pole placement design
pole Compute poles of dynamic system
prescale Optimal scaling of state-space models
pzmap Pole-zero plot of dynamic system
pzoptions Create list of pole/zero plot options
pzplot Pole-zero map of dynamic system model with plot customization options
realp Real tunable parameter
reg Form regulator given state-feedback and estimator gains
replaceBlock Replace or update Control Design Blocks in Generalized LTI model
repsys Replicate and tile models
reshape Change shape of model array
rlocus Root locus plot of dynamic system
rlocusplot Plot root locus and return plot handle
rss Generate random continuous test model
series Series connection of two models
set Set or modify model properties
setBlockValue Modify value of Control Design Block in Generalized Model
setDelayModel Construct state-space model with internal delays
setoptions Set plot options for response plot
setValue Modify current value of Control Design Block
sgrid Generate s-plane grid of constant damping factors and natural frequencies
showBlockValue Display current value of Control Design Blocks in Generalized Model
showTunable Display current value of tunable Control Design Blocks in Generalized Model
sigma Singular values plot of dynamic system
sigmaoptions Create list of singular-value plot options
sigmaplot Plot singular values of frequency response and return plot handle
sisoinit Configure SISO Design Tool at startup
sisotool Interactively design and tune SISO feedback loops
size Query output/input/array dimensions of input–output model and number of frequencies of FRD model
sminreal Structural pole/zero cancellations
ss Create state-space model, convert to state-space model
ss2ss State coordinate transformation for state-space model
ssdata Access state-space model data
stabsep Stable-unstable decomposition
stabsepOptions Options for stable-unstable decomposition
stack Build model array by stacking models or model arrays along array dimensions
step Step response plot of dynamic system
stepDataOptions Options set for step
stepinfo Rise time, settling time, and other step response characteristics
stepplot Plot step response and return plot handle
strseq Create sequence of indexed strings
sumblk Summing junction for name-based interconnections
tf Create transfer function model, convert to transfer function model
tfdata Access transfer function data
thiran Generate fractional delay filter based on Thiran approximation
timeoptions Create list of time plot options
totaldelay Total combined I/O delays for LTI model
tzero Invariant zeros of linear system
updateSystem Update dynamic system data in a response plot
upsample Upsample discrete-time models
view (genmat) Visualize gain surface as a function of scheduling variables
xperm Reorder states in state-space models
zero Zeros and gain of SISO dynamic system
zgrid Generate z-plane grid of constant damping factors and natural frequencies
zpk Create zero-pole-gain model; convert to zero-pole-gain model
zpkdata Access zero-pole-gain data
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