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Use Student Software in Your Class

MATLAB and Simulink student software provides the tools for exploration and discovery in courses such as engineering, applied mathematics, science, and finance. Use the software to complement your course curriculum and give students access to MATLAB and Simulink on their own computers for homework, design projects, and research.

Your students can purchase online, or you can ask your bookstore to stock it.

Bookstore Ordering Information

Ask your campus bookstore to stock student software.

Title: MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite
English Version ISBN: 978-0-9896-140-23
Japanese Version ISBN: 978-0-9896-140-30

Classroom Resources

Explore MATLAB courseware for shared course materials that incorporate MATLAB, Simulink, and other products.

See more resources for teaching with MATLAB.

Primary and Secondary Schools

You can accelerate STEM discovery and learning by using MATLAB and Simulink in the classroom. More than 5000 schools use the tools to engage students in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

See license options, testimonials, and courseware for using MATLAB and Simulink in primary and secondary schools.


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Connect to Target Hardware

Simulink 모델을 Arduino, Raspberry Pi 및 LEGO MINDSTORMS robots에서 직접 실행

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Cleve's Corner

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Loren on the Art of MATLAB

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MakerZone 참여

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT와 MATLAB 및 Simulink를 사용하는 제작자 커뮤니티에 참여하십시오.

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Cody: MATLAB 프로그래밍 게임입니다.

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